Cremorne – Formwork

Package to 4 Story House on a challenging Slop.

Penrith – (Denham Constructions)

State Rail Penrith Carpark.

Penrith – (Denham Constructions)

State Rail Penrith Carpark.

Penrith (Calponi Constructions)

Commercial factory and offices. Ultraform provided Formwork Strutting services to precast concrete beams and slabs, which we then laid reinforcement over and poured a 130mm concrete skin on top. All precast was permanently supported through insitu concrete columns.

Hurstville – Substation (United Group Limited)

Ultraform were contracted the FRP package on this Substation which is one of many that Ultraform Undertook. These projects were entirely class 2 finishes of soffits and walls (Picture Below). This Substation consisted of 11kv and 132kv power inlets and outlets which were all cast in to concrete elements.

Pool and Tank Services

Ultraform Specialise in Suspended Tanks and Pool Construction, Pouring walls and slab all at once to minimise Concrete Joints in wet areas.

Oxford Falls (Midson Constructions)

Extension to Grammar School. FRP to Multiple locations and sections of the School.

Hornsby (Northpoint Constructions)

Multistory Carpark and Residential Units. This Project also consists of a Church with its own onsite parking.

Hoxton Park – Hoxton Park

St John’s Amphitheatre. Poured in stages and sections. All curves were laser cut for a perfect contour.

Kogarah (Gledhill Constructions)

Formwork Contract to the Calvary Hospital extension.

Wahroonga – (64 Unit Development)

Three Level Basement, 3 Towers consisting of Seven Stories.


Class 1 Walls

Parramatta (Taylor Constructions)

Our Lady of Mercy College. Ultraform were contracted to take on the Formwork Package. This Project Consisted of many different components and finishes.


Ultraform have a wide list of Suppliers that we have been dealing with for the last decade. We Supply and Install all forms of decking.

Cronulla (Talon Constructions)

Units at Cronulla. FRP package undertaken here with a basement and 3 levels plus concrete roof.

Wetherill Park (Lion Group)

External Tank Plinths.

Parramatta (Taylor Constructions)

Our Lady of Mercy College – Class 2 Concrete Column Finishes.

Lidcombe (Northpoint Constructions)

FRP to a 4 Level Basement, and 7 Levels Above Ground.

Tarren Point (H Build Constructions)

Formwork to Suspended Pool.

Erskine Park Business Centre (Prime Constructions)
Tarren Point (H Build Constructions)

Formwork to house and upturn wall with timber finish concrete.